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I am so grateful.

These are the four words that I chose to start this post with, simply because my dream has become a reality. My first clothing line has been going tremendously well and in celebration of that and women’s month I will be having a pop-up shop in conjunction with Trainer Zahra, Authentic Movement and Off Duty Photography.

Zahra, Shehaam and I all wearing the RMF tracksuit.

  When: 26th August 2017

Time: 11:00 a.m. onwards

Where: Gringo Cafe, 262 Main Street Maboneng

Who: Powerful Women

What: 1 hour 15 minute rooftop kickboxing and yoga session with Trainer Zahra, after which you will be lead to the pop-up store at Gringo Cafe where you can shop and enjoy some lunch too!

How: Book via email for the training session - info@senseizahra.com

PLEASE NOTE: The pop-up shop is a free for all and is open to everyone at no charge. I will be having a 35% off sale on the day - you can receive the promotion code from me in person at the event. I have decided to make limited quantities available as I start work on my new summer range.  As such, this will be one of the last opportunities to get the RMFashionary tracksuit. 

The maroon and white RMF tracksuits are sold out!

Read more about each of the ladies involved in the event below:

Zahra Said:

”Zahra Said, social media wellness influencer, prides her work on transforming clients lives through her fitness classes and personal training, as a life coach Zehra merges emotional healing with physical movement into her programs.”

Shehaam Williams:

“Shehaam Williams and her love for food found her joy in guiding women how to make changes to their lifestyle through healthy, wholesome nutrition.

Authentic Movement, founded by Zahra Said and Shehaam Williams, a creative collective team who believe in the power of creating an all inspired life by sharing quality fitness, nutritional and personal development information as well as the tools to impact lives.”

Tasmin Jacobs-Bradlow (Off Duty photography):

A shot of me by Tasmin.

“Off Duty Photography started off as helping friends with blog posts or family with newborn shoots and celebrations. From there, I developed a love for the artistry behind it and have launched my very own photography business. Off Duty Photography is all about creating beautiful imagery that captures moments and tells a story.”

Tasmin will be taking polaroid photos on the day of the event so come along with your friends to have some fun with us.

I look forward to seeing you all at my very first pop-up store this Saturday! 🙂


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