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Beauty and all around grooming is a major concern for every girl from tween-hood onwards, it never ends. One of the specialist skills a lady looks for when thinking about her glamour regime is someone who is an A-grade hairstylist.

At the tender age of 22, I have finally found my go-to hair stylist.

Meet Sam, the masterful and quirky hairstylist from Dom Republic. Sam has been cutting my hair since January this year. Since then she has me putting my full trust in her, mainly because she convinced me to cut my thick brunette, waist-length locks into an edgy bob after two decades of sameness. Fast-forward 8 months, lots of snipping and a hair dye later, I can confidentially say, with Sam you cannot go wrong.

Thanks to the super-mod Dom Republic hair salon based at: 15 4Th Avenue Parkhurst, you can have your hair cut with Sam too.

The surprise is that you get a special discount code to receive a cut and blow at 10% off their usual rate (cut and blow rates range between R420 – R600 BEFORE the discount depending on your hair length).

Book with Sam now by clicking here

Use the code: RMFHAIR

Please note: To qualify for the discount this code must be given to Sam when you arrive at Dom Republic.

Disclaimer: This code may only be used on a cut and blow dry hair specials.

New hair cut by Sam

Dress: Forever 21

Bag: Forever New

Shoes: Aldo

All images taken by Off Duty

Happy snipping!

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