Leaving 2017 with a Bang!

2017 has been my most challenging and fruitful year all at once. I have made friends, I have lost friends. I’ve left a job, to start a new one. I started my very own business and took on all the risks that came with it. I travelled to three new countries and attended my first international fashion week and I’ve learned so much along the way. Each year I like to think that I grow, become more adventurous and take calculated risks, and so I’d like to end 2017 off with a bang, with something that I would love to do more of next year! Videography!

I am no stranger to social media and taking photos but when it comes to film/videos I can be quite camera shy. However, when Man of Action Concepts approached me to do a Q&A based video about me, I thought why not?

It was time for me to get over my fear of hating to hear the sound of my own voice (as many of us do when we hear a voice recording) and worrying so much about if people would like it.

Without further ado I am excited to share a more personal and bubbly side of me on camera. Click on the link below:

A Walk and Talk with Ranaa

The exciting thing is that you can also have the same kind of Q&A done to promote yourself or your brand, all you have to do is contact Umar Bradlow (umar@moac.co.za)from Man of Action Concepts for package and collaborative details. It was such a fun experience to have a wonderful team of people shoot with me. Special thanks to the Man of Action Concepts crew for the entire production , Off Duty Photography for behind the scenes imagery, The Service Station and Convoy in Melville for allowing us to shoot in their store. All the clothing worn by me in the video by the likes of designer South African brands like Heart & Heritage, Anmari Honnibal and Selfi can be found and purchased at Convoy.

Everyone is moving onto vlogging and I would like to explore this idea more in the new year as I take you with me through my 2018. Expect to see more about my travels, the design side of my life and business and exciting collaborations with many more brands. Until then, I wish you all a fun filled holiday season. Thank you for watching!

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