The RMFashionary Summer Collection: An Introduction

My second shot at designing a collection went off far more seamlessly than the first. This time, I knew who to contact, where to get the fabric, what questions to ask and I can safely say that this is something I want to keep doing. For my summer 2017 range, […]

Urban Bliss

Those who know me, know that I never sit still. For those who don’t, let me fill you in. I work part time helping various fashion professionals with businesses of their own within the South African industry. I devote my ”free days” to focusing on my own clothing range and […]

Dom Republic

Beauty and all around grooming is a major concern for every girl from tween-hood onwards, it never ends. One of the specialist skills a lady looks for when thinking about her glamour regime is someone who is an A-grade hairstylist. At the tender age of 22, I have finally found […]